We’ve sent a letter to the government

We need Net Neutrality to stay intact, and we have received a great amount of support from our peers Brent Hoberman (Founders Factory), Carlos Silva (Seedrs), Christophe Maire (Atlantic Internet), Ciaran O’Leary (BlueYard Capital), Eric Wahlforss (SoundCloud), Fred Wilson (Union Square Ventures), Matthias Ummenhofer (Mojo Capital), Max Niederhofer (Sunstone Capital), Niklas Zennström (Atomico), Philipp Moehring (Angellist, 500 Startups), Simon Levene (Mosaic Ventures) and 100 more for our letter to BEREC. You can still sign on to our letter and also show your support on savetheinternet.eu

We sincerely hope that Europe will take the path of a free and open internet.

We hope startups will be able to challenge the established incumbents, regardless of their capital availability.

Dear ISPs, We hope you will be our partners to help deliver the most innovative services imaginable. But please, with a cherry on top, don’t ask for a revenue share from all of us. Make your bets like everyone else, invest in our businesses instead and join the startup revolution.

Download our full press release here

UPDATE (20/7): Our entrepreneur and investor letter has been sent to BEREC for review, with support from over 110 companies, founders and investors. It joins an academics letter, a civil society letter, a web inventor letter, and over 510,370 members of the public in calling for strong net neutrality rules in Europe.

Technology and business leaders, policy experts, and over half-a-million members of the public have spoken. Now, will Europe’s regulators listen?

Net Neutrality - We Only Have Until July 18th to Save the Internet

We at Factory tend to take policy seriously - because it creates the framework in which we operate. As entrepreneurs, as users, as early adopters, things need to be legal. Obviously.

Now, if you haven’t heard about it, there is a battle going on for the internet, in which the US has managed to win over cable operators in favor of Net Neutrality last year. And Europe is so far pretty sleepy, no uproar, no revolt about ISP’s asking for a profit share to offer the same service to startups as to big corporations. No uproar yet for the fact that it should not matter how much money you pay for providing a service online to your ISP, it will be treated with the same relevance as any other startup or gigantic conglomerate. Net Neutrality as a concept is the basis for startup entrepreneurs to challenge established businesses and be innovative. We created a deck you can download here that explains in a little more detail or you can read Garrick Long's in-depth analysis on Medium.

We believe data and access to data is a common right, that should never be influenced by capital, in the sense of deciding who gets to see what. It’s fine if cables and antennas are your business model, fine for you to charge me for the volume I consume and send, and for certain services I choose to book as an end user but don't make me pay for the priority of my data.

The current proposition of ISP’s would be like your power utility provider asking you for a revenue share - because the power they sell you does amazing things when used by the CPU of your laptop. Highway robbery.

And it gets worse: To push through a weakened Net Neutrality implementation ISP’s have promised regulators to implement 5G access in all member states by 2020 - something ISP’s will have to do anyway, to stay competitive and keep up with the demands of users. There’s no reason to threaten Net Neutrality.

We have created an open letter together with friends and entrepreneurs across Europe addressed to BEREC, the regulatory authority that is now working to implement Net Neutrality after the European Parliament decided for it, but left a few loopholes to be used or abused. Abused, like charging startups for fast delivery of data.

We ask you to click here and sign this letter with us, because it is important. Write to us, involve and ask questions, tweet about it! We only have until July 18th to create enough of a buzz to keep the net neutral - and competitive. To keep the chance for startups to challenge any business, because it is better at something, not because it paid an ISP more money to deliver the better service. Sign this letter, and join us in our efforts to keep the internet as it is. Open, free, and the basis for innovation.

Join over 110+ founders and entrepreneurs who have already signed the letter, including:

  • Alberto Onetti, Mind the Bridge
  • Alexander Goerlach, The European Magazine
  • André Eggert, Lacore
  • Andrew Lee, London Trust Media, Private Internet Access
  • Anne Riechert, ReDI School of Digital Integration
  • Ansgar Oberholz, St. Oberholz
  • Bastian Unterberg, Jovoto
  • Christophe Maire, Atlantic Internet
  • Christoph Fahle, betahaus
  • Chrysanthos Therapontos, TechEscapes
  • Ciaran O’Leary, BlueYard Capital
  • Cogent Communications
  • Danny Mekić, NewTeam
  • Dave DuPont, TeamSnap
  • David Cascino, Thunderclap Inc
  • Eric Wahlforss, SoundCloud
  • Eva-Bettina Gruber, Three Coins GmbH
  • Felix Petersen, Faber Ventures
  • Gabriel Weinberg, DuckDuckGo
  • George Vou, Adsvise
  • Holger Weiss, Target Partners
  • Johan Boger, Frogsy - member of RIPE and LIR for Cyprus
  • Karen Boers, Startups.be
  • Kolja Weber, FlokiNET
  • Lenard Koschwitz, Allied for Startups
  • Madeleine Gummer v. Mohl, Betahaus
  • Marcel Hollerbach, Cavalry Ventures
  • Marco Marinucci, Mind the Bridge
  • Mark Vletter, Voys / Devhouse Spindle
  • Matthias Ummenhofer, Mojo Capital
  • Max Niederhofer, Sunstone Capital
  • Michael Heinrich, ohmygreen
  • Niko Woischnik, Tech Open Air (TOA)
  • Nora-Vanessa Wohlert, EDITION F
  • Onno Faber, Tapstack
  • Patrick Wolowicz, subzero.eu software
  • Philipp Moehring, Angellist, 500 Startups
  • Sarah Bird, Moz
  • Simon Schaefer, Factory
  • Simon Levene, Mosaic Ventures
  • Stavriana Kofteros, Startup Cyprus
  • Susann Hoffmann, EDITION F
  • Tony Lai, Legal.io
  • Travis Todd, Silicon Allee
  • Videesha Kunkulagunta, Redstone Capital
  • Wouter Gort, Tomato Talent